Whitsunday Island Sailing


There is truly no better way to explore the region than Whitsunday Island sailing. Cruise to countless islands and inlets or travel at the pace of the breeze and never be at the mercy of the wind. With fair conditions and temperate waters year round, Whitsunday Islands Sailing is a popular pastime amongst sailors, divers, anglers and anyone aquatically inclined.

Whitsunday Island sailing can be anything from an adventure packed tour, partying at luxury resorts to a private escape on immaculate deserted beaches. For those that crave the sun and the sea, Whitsundays sailing is something that must be experienced.

Don’t be put off by a lack of nautical know-how. Whitsunday islands sailing is not limited to the experienced sailor. OzSail’s charters can take you sailing through the Whitsunday islands without you having to know your port from starboard.

Attractions are something you won’t find in short supply when sailing Whitsunday islands. Explore walking trails through numerous tropical rainforests, marvel at the spectacular wildlife, and witness the sheer magnificence of world-famous Whitehaven Beach. The diverse array of marine life makes snorkelling as popular as sailing the Whitsunday Islands.


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