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Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Island Sailing

The Whitsunday Islands are located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

This is our planet Earth’s largest aquatic playground, and is home to many species of corals, fish and marine life to ensure you have a memorable Whitsundays holiday

Airlie Beach acts as the gateway to the breathtaking Whitsundays, with all of our charter yachts departing daily from Coral Sea Marina.

The Whitsundays are continental islands and part of the Cumberland Group.

Formed approximately 10,000 years ago, the Whitsundays were originally mountain ranges cut off from the mainland during the dramatic melting of polar ice caps.

The marine life in the Whitsunday Islands area equals the best anywhere along the Reef.

The seas rose about 100 metres, and created the perfect environment for corals to grow. This happened both around the Whitsunday islands and on the mammoth limestone shelf that was to become the worlds largest living structure – known as the Great Barrier Reef.

The official discovery of the Whitsundays occurred in 1770 when Captain James Cook was making his initial journey to Australia. Since then, vessels have navigated the historical passage through the Whitsundays for a calm and short route north.

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underwater view of a coral

Yachties the world over have come to love the Whitsundays for the islands close proximity to the mainland, fantastic anchorages and the partially smooth waters of the Coral Sea.

The Whitsundays have much to offer as a tourist destination. Boasting sparkling clear waters and magnificent coral reefs and cays, the Whitsundays cater for the varied needs of todays adventurous traveller. Though there are 74 islands within the Cumberland group in the Whitsundays, only eight of these islands have been developed by resorts.

The other islands in the Whitsundays are almost all national parks above water level and marine park below. This ensures the Whitsundays area will remain as untouched and as exquisite as it was the day it was discovered by Captain Cook himself.

The best the region has to offer, Whitsundays Sailing and the Great Barrier Reef with Ozsail.

The cool turquoise waters of the Whitsunday islands range in temperature from approximately 22C (72F) to 29C (84F) throughout the year. This means thatat any time of year, visitors may comfortably swim and snorkel on the coral reef in comfort.

Our tropical temperatures feature a very mild winter, so year round visitors may enjoy their time in the Whitsundays. During the winter months Humpback whales bring their calves to the warm waters of the Coral Sea. Witness the awesome behaviour of these splendid mammals as they are attracted to vessels by their inquisitive nature.

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