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Our Heritage

With local Ngaro blessing, you are welcome to sail with us in these ancient tribal waters. Tribal waters that fed our First Nation Peoples without waste, without pollution and with a real connection to sea and land. A connection that has long been lost!
It is our mission to tell their story with immersive experiences and consistent facts. In doing so we are working towards returning the land and sea to a self sustaining state. A state where the ecosystem can continue to grow and strengthen. We encourage our guests to learn more about Australia’s Indigenous People. Their journey is long and interesting and deserves to be shared and respected.

Education Facts;

·      Evidence suggests Aboriginals have inhabited Australia for 40,000 years and in the Whitsundays for at least 8150 years.

·      For 8000 years prior to European settlement, Aboriginal groups belonging to the Ngaro tribe inhabited the Whitsundays.

·      Largely self-sufficient group with possible trade links to tribe in Proserpine.

·      Seasoned maritime hunters and gathers as well as navigators, paddling from Island to Island in three-piece bark canoes now called “outriggers”.

·      Outriggers were mainly used as transportation or to hunt larger sea animals.

·      Outriggers were constructed out of 3 pieces of bark, 2 sides + bottom. They used fibrous roots of plants and trees to sew together, and used a sapling on the inside of each rim to stiffen the boat.

·      Large deposits of shellfish indicate that shellfish were an important part of their diet.

·      They used leftover sharp shells to make tools.

·      Geological evidence show aborigines were using Nara Inlet 2500 years ago. It is still used as an ideal site for protection in weather.

·      Much aboriginal rock art is found on ledges or in caves as they served as ideal shelters from weather.

·      Art in Nara Inlet cave is one of the Whitsundays only examples of Rock Art and its 500 years old.

·      Conservation of the Paintings – please don’t touch!

·      The Dreaming – Many aborigines believe people have been in Australia since the beginning, known as The Dreaming.

·      Based on the belief that the ancestral spirit came down from the sky and up from the earth to create everything around us – rocks, people, animals, mountains, rivers etc.