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What to Expect when Sailing Whitsundays with OzSail

Sailing the Whitsundays Islands Since 2001

Sailing Whitsundays Islands is popular among travellers, and the best way to enjoy them is through a Whitsundays tour in one of our sailing vessels. The Whitsundays are located off Airlie Beach on the east coast of Australia that’s popular among backpackers. Furthermore there are 74 islands in the area that are sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef. That means there are no big undertows or crashing waves in the area, which makes the waters ideal for sailing and snorkeling

We at Ozsail offer two days and two night’s adventure on any of our professional ex-racing vessels. The itinerary includes snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef marine park, time at Whitehaven Beach and the famous Hill Inlet Lookout, and soaking in the sun on board some of the best racing yachts that are sailing Whitsundays on any given day.

The Whitsunday Islands are beautiful. If you want to get the most out of your Sailing Whitsundays Tour, we recommend scheduling your trip to stay a few days in Airlie Beach as well. That way you will be able to enjoy all our region has to offer. This is especially relevant as you don’t want to miss the boats After Party

Sailing Whitsundays on Avatar a Commercial Trimaran

Avatar Whitsundays

Avatar 2 Days 2 Nights - This Awesome boat is the best Backpacker and Student tour in the Whitsundays .Huge netts for sunbaking, Whitehaven Beach, and Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef …..

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Whitsundays Sailing on Spank Me a Commercial 82ft Maxi

Spank Me Whitsundays

Spank Me 2 Days 2 Nights You wont find Nana on this Bad Boy! 82 ft of pure racing Maxi, Adventure Sailing for Backpacker and Students including Whitehaven Beach and Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef …

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Whitsundays Tour on Mandrake a 52ft Ocean Racer

Mandrake Whitsundays

Mandrake 2 Days 2 Nights Adventure Sailing of the Whitsunday Islands Whitehaven Beach and Great Barrier Reef. Mandrake is a perfect for Backpackers and Students that prefer small groups…

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Snorkeling During the Whitsundays Tour

There will be multiple Snorkeling stops throughout your sailing holiday. During the first day of the Sailing Whitsundays Tour, we’ll take you and your group to a snorkeling location. Where you can find various reef fishes, turtles, corals, and other marine life. Finally the boat will move to another spot where it will anchor for the night. You can relax while our qualified crew will freshly prepare your meals as you finally watch the amazing sunset over the islands

Explore Whitehaven Beach

There are several secluded bays and wonderful beaches in the Whitsundays. However, the Whitehaven Beach stands out from the crowd. Because of its pure white sand, that’s the finest beach among the islands of Whitsundays. It is one of the well-known spots in the Whitsundays. Whitehaven is the most photographed spot in the area. Most noteworthy we will take you there during the second day of the Sailing Whitsundays Tour. While at the beach, you can take a short hike up to the Hill Inlet Look Out. Later that day, the captain of the boat will take you to a few more bays where you can snorkel another location with our amazing sea life.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach

Sailing Whitsundays with OzSail - Contact us Today


The best thing about signing up for a Whitsundays Tour with Ozsail is that everything is already provided for, except for alcohol and snacks. As a result it is important that you stock up on your own supply before leaving the port.

Sailing Whitsundays is definitely something that you should do while in Australia. When the weather is fine, you will be able to explore several islands, swim with the fishes and turtles, sail on water, furthermore you can just enjoy nature.

Therefore if you are thinking of sailing Whitsundays, then contact us today. Ozsail will be more than happy to assist you with your questions about the Whitsundays Tour. In addition can also provide you with more information about our racing boats and other information with regards to our tours.

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