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School Charter Options

OzSail Whitsundays is a family owned and operated charter yacht company in the Whitsundays with over 20 years of experience in the Australia tourism industry. Within the OzSail Company, there are four vessels that provide overnight, day and private charters around the Whitsunday Islands.

We have recently expanded our products to incorporate Edu-Tourism in line with the government incentive program the Great Barrier Reef Education Experience Program. This product allows us to offer schools the opportunity to provide an educational excursions/ experience to all students out on the water.

Are you looking for an easier way to plan and run your school excursions?

  • A range of activities that your students that require strong teamwork and communication skills?
  • An activity that matches the syllabus requirements?
  • A sustainable and eco-friendly way to educate your students on the Great Barrier Reef
  • A safe and affordable destination?

Students will have the opportunity to learn alongside knowledgeable crew/ marine scientists and master reef guides to gain a hands-on guide to the Ecological, Biological, Cultural and Geological beauties of the Great Barrier Reef, the world heritage listed paradise.

We develop programs that are tailored to suit our clients’ needs. We provide local knowledge and local support. Each school charter can pick from one or all of the following experiences;

2-day, 2-night Sailing Experience

Do you love the sound of an affordable diverse 3 days connecting with others and creating new experiences? Escape the mainland and your normal responsibilities.

Enjoy snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, feeling the sand between your toes at the famous Whitehaven Beach, sunset sailing, sleeping under the stars if you choose all while under the care of a knowledgeable crew and no time restrictions.

Indulge yourself on freshly prepared meal within the spacious surroundings of our open plan vessel.

Experience the freedom of sailing all while appreciating the most Eco friendly and sustainable way of seeing the Whitsundays.

Eye on the Reef Program 

Eye on the Reef monitoring and assessment program enables students to participate, understand and contribute to its long-term protection of the Great Barrier Reef by collecting valuable information about reef health and marine animals. The Eye on the Reef program is managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Coral Watch managed by the University of Queensland and allows students to gain an insight into the importance of caring for our ecosystem.

The Eye on the Reef program also has an online training platform which individuals can sign up for. School students (if they or their teachers wish) could complete online training prior to the trip!

Reef Ecologic Environmental Scientist

Reef Ecologic is a diverse team of environmental scientists, marine park managers, policy analysts, trainers, and innovators. They provide the following;

  • Information and presentations on the Great Barrier Reef, marine and coral reef ecology, threats and the things we can do to make a difference. The trainers will discuss reef restoration and the underwater art, and will collect data on these if we visit the relevant sites – Blue Pearl Bay, Manta Ray Bay and Langford Reef.
  • Tuition and training in effective snorkeling techniques for the collecting of scientific data.
  • They will provide guidance and insights into what the students can do when they get back home in their everyday lives to continue to support the health and resilience of the Great Barrier Reef.

Our Heritage

OzSail has a genuine and passionate interest in Aboriginal Affairs and we support initiatives that bring better understanding between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and the wider community. Our crew will spend time educating the students on the local tribes of the Ngaro, Yuwibara, Koinmerburra, Barada Barna, Wiri, Gia and Juru  

OzSail will provide a unique world class learning environment with the combination of living onboard a vessel with your classmates all while studying and learning about the Great Barrier Reef.